The Gu Lab


2023-2024 Group Picture

2023-8 Beach Day of the Group

2022-2023 End of year group lunch

2022-2023 Gu Lab Research Team

From Left to Right(front): Jackie, Vayle, Sabrina, Dr. Gu, Audrey and Chris (back): Gonto, Kang, Nini, Malenie, Gabby

2021-2022 Gu Lab Research Team

From the left: Nini, Sabrina, Kang, Dr. Gu, Audrey, Gonto, Gabby, Nick, and Alexia.

2019 American Chemical Society National Meeting & Expo: Chemistry & Water

Margaret presenting how to tune the morphology of nanostructured silicon interfaces using magnetic nanoparticles for photoelectrochemical water splitting.
Margaret and Sabrina.
Think we need to get our mol checked?

2019 San Diego State University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Awards Ceremony

Sabrina presenting how to stabilize silicon nanowires with zinc doped 1T-phase molybdenum disulfide for photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation.

2019 Gu Lab Luncheon – Celebrating Karley, Walterri, and Michael’s Graduation

From the left: Mila, Karley, Margaret, Michael, Sabrina, Waltteri, Nick, Dr. Yang, Dr. Gu, and Ke.

2018 Holiday Potluck

From the left: Sabrina, Margaret, Dr. Yang, Karley, Waltteri, Nick, Dr. Gu, Zhida, and Michael.

2018-2019 Gu Lab Research Team

From the left: Zhida, Michael, Dr. Zhou, Nick, Dr. Gu, Karley, Dr. Yang, and Waltteri. In front: Sabrina and Margaret.

2018 Gu Lab Field Trip to Anza Borrego

From the right: Yichao, Dr. Yang, Sabrina, Dr. Gu, Nick, Dr. Zhou, and family.

2018 San Diego State University Student Research Symposium

Sabrina presenting nickel doped 1T-phase molybdenum disulfide on black silicon for photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation.
Nick presenting our microbial photoelectrochemical cell for wastewater treatment and hydrogen generation.

2017 Holiday Potluck

From the left: Tony, Michael, Dr. Yang, Dr. Zhou, Waltteri, Dr. Gu, Sabrina, Nick, and Yichao.

2017-2018 Gu Lab Research Team

From the left: Michael, Dr. Yang, Tony, Sabrina, Dr. Gu, Nick, Yichao, and Dr. Zhou.
From the left: Dr. Zhou, Yichao, Dr. Gu, Tony, Sabrina, Waltteri, Dr. Yang, and Michael.

2017 San Diego State University Student Research Symposium

Nick presenting molecular catalysts on silicon interfaces.
Tony presenting vanadium sulfide films for photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation.

2016-2017 Gu Lab Research Team

From the left: Tony, Waltteri, Nick, and Dr. Gu.