The Gu Lab

Lab News

Oct 2023:

  • Special Thanks to DOE for supporting our research through the FAIR program
  • Congratulations on Kang for publishing his paper on ACS Material Letters
  • Congratulations to Gonto Johns on getting the University Graduate Fellowship 
  • Welcome Claire Baeriwyl and Miachel Massey in joining our lab as undergraduate researchers

May 2023:

  • Congratulations on the successful graduation of Audrey, Nini, Vayle, and Dr. Sabrina Younan 
  • Congratulations to Audrey on getting the NSF GRFP. 
  • Congratulations to Hongxing Kang on getting the Jenkins Award and Best Ph.D. Research Award (2023). 
  • Congratulations on Ke's paper published at ACS Nano (collaboration paper) 

Jan 2023:

  • Congratulations on our collaboration work with Prof. Yong Yan(SDSU) getting supported by DOE
  • Congratulations on Nick's NADH reduction work being accepted by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
  • Congratulations on Sabrina's Zn single-atom confinement work being accepted by ACS Nano
  • Congratulations on Audrey Washington in getting accepted to 7 out of her 8 graduate school applications, including Caltech. 

Oct 2022:

  • Congratulations on Audrey Washington in getting the Winifred Burks-Houck Undergraduate Leadership Award from NOBCChE and the best presentation award from SACNAS national diversity in STEM conference 
  • Welcome, Jackie Johnson and Chris Turchiano joining our lab as new graduate students. 

Aug 2022:

  • Congratulations on Nicholas Williams for a successful Ph.D. defense. 
  • Thanks for NSF CHE-2154837 for supporting our research
  • Congratulations on Zhida for his Cu on 1T-MoS2 work getting accepted into ACS catalysis !!!
  • Congratulations on Sabrina for her paper getting accepted into Adv. Mater. Interface !!

Oct 2021:

  • Welcome, Gonto Johns joining our lab as a Ph.D. student !!!
  • Congratulations Audrey Washington on becoming an IMSD scholar 
  • Congratulations Audrey Washington on getting the ACS scholar fellowship, Joi-Weeks fellowship, and Tom Regan Fellowship

August 2020:

  • Congratulations on Zhida in getting his Ni size dependence work accepted in Angew. Chemie. Int. Ed. !!!
  • Congratulations on our collaboration paper with Prof. Huang at Marquette University being accepted in Nature Commun. !!!
  • Congratulations on our collaboration paper with Prof. Ren at Princeton University being accepted in Joule!!!

Mar 2020:

Jan 2020:

  • Happy New Year !!! Congrats on Fan's paper getting accepted in Angew. Chemie. Int. Ed. 

Nov 2019:

  • Dr. Gu gave a invited talk at the UC San Diego Sustainable Power and Energy Center.

Oct 2019:

  • Welcome Hongxing Kang from Lanzhou University joined our lab as a first-year graduate student. 

Sep 2019:

  • Dr. Jing Gu gave a talk at CSU-Long Beach.
  • Our Comments paper is accepted in Energy & Environmental Science(10.1039/C9EE02592H). Congrats !!!
  • SDSU news highlighted our research work as "Mimiking Photosynthsis to make fuel green and affordable."

Aug 2019:

  • Our collaboration work with Prof. Shirley Meng's group was published in Nature !!!
  • Dr. Gu served as a section chair at the ACS meeting. Sabrina Younan, Maggie Patrick, Nicholas Williams and Fan Yang gave talks at ACS meeting.
  • Our undergraduates, Waltteri Vakki, Michael Fairchild, and Karley Hahn graduated from SDSU. Congrats !!!

May 2019:

  • NSF highlight our research work "4 awesome discoveries you probably did not hear about episode 28th"(
  • Princeton New highlighted our collaboration work with the Prof. Jason Ren's group at Princeton "Researchers using sunlight to pull hydrogen from waste water".
  • Dr. Zhou's work is accepted in Dalton Trans, Congrats Dr. Zhou !!!

Mar 2019:

  • Yichao Huang's paper is accepted at Nature Communication, Congrats Yichao !!!
  • Waltteri Vakki's paper is accpeted at Energy & Environmental Science, Congrats Waltteri !!!!
  • Our research work is highlighted in SDSU news "SDSU research suggest process for lowering cost of hydrogen fuels".

Jan 2019:

  • Fan's paper is accepted at Adv. Mater. Interface. Congrats !!! Fan !!!
  • Nicholas Williams, Maggie Patrick and Dr. Gu attended the CSUPERB meeting.

Oct 2018:

  • Zhida Li from Northeast Petroleum University Join our lab as a visiting student.
  • Zunjian Ke from Wuhan University join our lab as a visiting student, welcome !!!
  • Prof. Zhou's manuscript is accepted at International Journal of Hydrogen Energy !!! Congrats !!!

Aug 2018:

  • Dr. Gu organized an energy and fuel section at ACS in Boston !!! 

June 2018:

  • Dr. Gu attended the NIGMS mentoring workshop at the Kansas City.
  • Michael and Sabrina got the Summer Undergraduate Research Program support! Congrats !!!
  • Yichao Huang's manuscript is accepted at the Advanced Energy Materials !!! Congrats to Yichao !!!
  • Prof. Zhou's manuscript is accepted at ChemcatChem!!! Congrats to Prof. Zhou !!!

March 2018: 

  • Dr. Gu is invited to give a talk at the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation(AEHS).

Feb 2018:

  • Nicholas Williams, Waltteri Vakki, Michael Fairchild and Sabrina Younan attended the SRS meeting at SDSU. Michael and Waltteri got the Undergraduate Research Excellent Award. Congrats !!!

Jan 2018:

  • Dr. Gu attended the GRC-Solar Fuel meeting.

Dec 2017:

  • We welcome Prof. Zhou Yinghua, a visiting professor joining our group.

Oct 2017:

  • Our group research is highlighted at CNBC sustainable energy TV shows:
  • Dr. Gu attend the FACSS meeting as a section chair 
  • We welcome Dr. Yang Fan and Yichao Huang, who is a visiting student from Tsinghua Univerisity joining our group. 

Sep 2017:

  • Congratulations to Nicholas Williams to win the ARCS scholarship !!!
  • Congratulations to Nicholas Williams to win the Annual Graduate Research Awards !!! 

June 2017:

  • Our group received our first federal grant from NSF! Thanks to NSF for the kind support!
  • Dr. Gu attended the ECS meeting in New Orleans 

May 2017:

  • Paper published: Tony's first manuscript published at ChemSusChem.

April 2017:

  • Dr. Gu attended the April 2017 ACS meeting in San Francisco.

March 2017:

  • Our graduate students Nicholas and Tony attended the Student Research Symposium this year and presented their research.
  • Dr. Gu was invited to the Association for Environmental Health and Science Foundation conference in March 2017.

February 2017:

  • Dr. Gu was awarded GREW award in February 2017.

January 2017:

  • In January 2017, Dr. Gu’s research paper was accepted by Nature Energy!

November 2016:

  • In November 2016 we were awarded a university grant from San Diego State University