The Gu Lab

Zhida Li


Ph.D. Chemistry, Northeast Petroleum University (Present)

B.S. Chemistry, Northeast Petroleum University (2015)


Lab: EIS 211


Zhida Li is a Ph.D. candidate of Northeast Petroleum University (NEPU P.R. China), and a joint student of San Diego State University (SDSU P.R. USA). He was born and raised in China’s Hebei Province. During his research career in NEPU, he mainly focused on CO2 capture and conversion based on the molten salts method, for example, converting CO2 into valuable carbon nanotubes by controlling nucleation reaction in molten Li2CO3 electrolyzer. Now, he is devoted to single atom catalyst design and applications in the domains of hydrogen evolution as well as CO2 reduction.



2016 National Scholarship of China

2016 Academic Star of Northeastern Petroleum University